Smart Choice MRI

From the copyright to the modern, sleek design for the new Smart Choice MRI website was all Two By Four. We took the PSDs and turned them into a functional site.

The site is built on WordPress using Premise WP. We built a custom theme and a few plugins for Smart Choice that all work seamlessly together. They each detect if the other is active and acts accordingly, preventing the site from crashing due to a de activation by mistake in the backend.

One of the plugins we developed for this project was Premise Scroll, which is now part of Premise WP by default due to its success in other projects. This is one of the things we love the most about Premise WP – when we identify a feature that can benefit a lot of people we introduce it in the framework so everyone can enjoy it. Premise Scroll is used to create animations when the user scroll.

It’s all in the details. Little, simple and subtle animations that don’t intervene with your content.

With Smart Choice it was all about simple unobtrusive animations. We worked with Two By Four’s team through out the entire process which made it easy to streamline development. Once it got to us we knew exactly what the client wanted and the communication continued until the end of the project.

Safety Riders was a fun little project! We built a game for kids (designed by Two By Four) that essentially teaches them how to safely ride an elevator. We also added some entertaining puzzles to keep kids engaged and learning in other ways.

Here is a few images of the game and the puzzles:

Waitlist is an app designed for restaurants that want a simple user interface to track their waitlist or reservations with a robust analytics engine behind it. Waitlist allows restaurants to gather and track ANY kind of data they want from their clients – From how many clients request to sit outside during the summer, to how many are good or bad tippers. This app was designed from the ground up to manage flexible data which allows restaurants to generate the metrics they want to track on the fly; restaurants have an admin interface where they can add/edit/delete metrics.

Waitlist also allows restaurants to create as many different lists as they want. For example, a restaurant may take reservations during the week but not during the weekend. Waitlist allows said restaurant to create a reservations list and a waitlist list; they both gather different data (e.g. no date required on the waitlist list) and this data can be viewed separately or combined from the analytics dashboard.


Check out some screenshots below

Or try the real thing, I mean its free after all.

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Wrangler Workwear

A sales presentation builder tool leveraging the power of WordPress! Sales reps can create a presentation from predetermined slides. Admins to create slides using the power and user-friendliness they are used to with WordPress.

Let us create a 3D experience of your business that your customers and friends will never forget. Allow them to navigate your business (or home) as if they were right there! We can build a 3D render out of images, 360 video or blueprints.

Sounds interesting..?

Check out the demo – Demo user is demo, password is 12345.

Premise WP

Our clients love WordPress (most agencies do) because it allows them or their clients to edit a website’s content through a familiar interface – last we checked 27% of the internet uses it as their CMS. We started working with WordPress simply because it was what our clients wanted. We used to be as far as CMSs go a Joomla! shop but clients kept requesting their sites to be built in WordPress so we started using it and fell in love! We quickly realized that there was gap between the client’s expectation and how long things actually took to develop. There are a lot of things to consider when building a custom theme or plugin in WordPress such as security and data validation or serializing. It is easy to do, but time consuming to do it right. Clients didn’t like to hear that so we we came up with a solution – Premise WP.

Basically, Premise WP closes the client expectation gap. With Premise WP we are able to build in 3 weeks a fully custom theme that would normally take 2 moths to build. This and the fact that we update Premise WP with every project makes it very powerful for any WordPress developer. But at Vallgroup we are not greedy, we built and maintain Premise WP as an open source software and it will always remain that way. We even offer to train our clients on it at no cost. We do this because we love and stand for open source!

Premise WP allows us to build fully custom projects within WordPress because of the way we built it. When we approached this challenge, we realized one thing quickly: building a heavily customizable theme was not the way to go. Here’s why:

In order to build fully custom themes and plugins you need to accomplish two things:

  1. Build custom options in the backend quickly.
  2. Have full control of the markup in the front end.

Themes such as Jupiter and plugins like Visual Composer (used by Jupiter) offer a lot of options in the backend but don’t make it easy for developers to build custom options. And the markup that any of their shortcode outputs is clunky and inefficient. Premise WP does not try to control your markup or offer you a bunch of options you “may” need one day; instead, it simply makes it easy for you to create as many different options as you want without having to worry about logic, security nonces, or registering options and querying the database for its values. Premise WP does all of that for you.