We have rebranded to Photon.Software

Vallgroup has always positioned itself as a consulting company, but we felt that was a little too broad. We believe that focus is a key driver of a business’ success, and when we look back at our history, our clients and our work, It’s clear that we are a software company through and through. So we have decided to not only rebrand our image but our vision as well.

For the past 6 years we have been working with digital agencies from DC, San Francisco and Chicago, crafting complex software solutions for clients in multiple industries. When the time came to rebrand we knew what we were good at and we had a successful track record to prove it.

So why Photon Software?

Well, software is all about speed and efficiency. The more lightweight your code is, the faster it will load and perform. And since nothing is faster than the speed of light, a light particle just seemed like the most fitting name we could think of. So Photon Software was born.

Check it out! We are doing some really cool things that we think you’ll enjoy – like our VR demo.