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O.K. I am an agency, why should I hire Vallgroup?

As an agency, building websites and apps is at the core of your business. But producing code that is both scalable and manageable isn't easy. We offer Agencies the ability to run their digital department the way a software company is ran. How? Well...

Fast, reliable and scalable code

At Vallgroup we have the processes and infrastructure in place to produce high quality code fast because it's all we do. So we basically share our resources directly with our clients which means no more going over budget, no more nightmares during QA, and direct access to experts in this internet of things we call our playground.

Version control

Managing a private repository for every project allows our team of developers to work together seamlessly. Documentation and changelog for every project is promptly updated with every change. Clients have unlimited access to their projects' private repos at no additional cost.

Code, well documented

We always comment our code... That's an understatement! We even generate full API documentation at the end of every project and update it whenever there is changes. The API documentation offers an easy and user friendly interface to learn, read or reference the project's source code.

We do much more than Wordpress

One of the things that our clients really love about us is that we give them the ability to take/bid on any project or piece of buisness they want. They know that with a team of programmers at their disposal there is nothing we can't do together!

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