Smart Choice MRI

PHP, JavaScript
Two By Four

From the copyright to the modern, sleek design for the new Smart Choice MRI website was all Two By Four. We took the PSDs and turned them into a functional site.

The site is built on WordPress using Premise WP. We built a custom theme and a few plugins for Smart Choice that all work seamlessly together. They each detect if the other is active and acts accordingly, preventing the site from crashing due to a de activation by mistake in the backend.

One of the plugins we developed for this project was Premise Scroll, which is now part of Premise WP by default due to its success in other projects. This is one of the things we love the most about Premise WP – when we identify a feature that can benefit a lot of people we introduce it in the framework so everyone can enjoy it. Premise Scroll is used to create animations when the user scroll.

It’s all in the details. Little, simple and subtle animations that don’t intervene with your content.

With Smart Choice it was all about simple unobtrusive animations. We worked with Two By Four’s team through out the entire process which made it easy to streamline development. Once it got to us we knew exactly what the client wanted and the communication continued until the end of the project.