Waitlist is an app designed for restaurants that want a simple user interface to track their waitlist or reservations with a robust analytics engine behind it. Waitlist allows restaurants to gather and track ANY kind of data they want from their clients – From how many clients request to sit outside during the summer, to how many are good or bad tippers. This app was designed from the ground up to manage flexible data which allows restaurants to generate the metrics they want to track on the fly; restaurants have an admin interface where they can add/edit/delete metrics.

Waitlist also allows restaurants to create as many different lists as they want. For example, a restaurant may take reservations during the week but not during the weekend. Waitlist allows said restaurant to create a reservations list and a waitlist list; they both gather different data (e.g. no date required on the waitlist list) and this data can be viewed separately or combined from the analytics dashboard.


Check out some screenshots below

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